Get custom with church offering envelopes

Church offering and tithe envelopes are still one of the most effective ways for church or ministry giving. Along with online giving, it gives you that perfect combination of both print and digital media to reach your group.

Custom church offering envelopes are a great way to show your church identity. They are easily customized when using a company like Econo Envelope which has a design staff with experience to make your envelopes unique to your organization.

When ordering smaller quantities your envelope can be changed up frequently. You can use a different design for each month or season and special designs for holidays and events.

Customizing your envelopes can be as easy as changing the color of the paper or using a different ink color.

Use custom graphics, logos, and pictures. Make your envelopes more visually appealing.

Use them to convey messages and needs of the church or organization. Update your envelopes with goals. Showing goal production will also increase giving. Having a call to action on your envelopes is another way to increase the offering amount.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and make your envelopes personable and personalized for your church or ministry. While stock envelopes are easy and cheap, a custom envelope will always get you a better response.

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