Variety for Church Offering Envelopes

You can order church offering envelopes it is nice to use a printing company that can offer you a variety of options. This is especially useful when doing custom printed envelopes. Having choices makes the designing process more flexible and fun. Having choices also lets you change things up on occasion or use the different options to differentiate from other envelopes you may be using or for a special event, holiday or function.

Size Options

There is no set size someone has to use for church offering envelopes. The most common size is the standard church offering or tithe envelope. It measures 3″x 6-1/4″ with a scalloped flap and a thumb notch. A great cost saving option is the 6-3/4 business envelope size. It is slightly bigger than the church offering envelope but is a bit cheaper. It has a standard flap and no thumb notch. Other options would be the #9 or #10 envelopes. These have more space for information to be printed on them. The remittance envelope is a great choice for hiding sensitive information like credit card numbers because it has a large extended flap that when closed will cover and hide the whole envelope. This envelope also allows for a lot more printed information on them.

Paper Color Options

Of course, white envelopes are the most popular especially when printing a full-color design but there are other color options available for most sizes of envelopes. Blue, pink, green, yellow, are just some of the great color choices to use when printing in one or two colors. If you choose a color paper keep in mind what ink color(s) you will be using for the best possible combination.

Ink Color Choices

Ink colors can be endless even when choosing one color printing. Black ink is fine and probably the easiest to read color, but thanks to Pantone there are thousands of different ink colors that can be mixed. Just like the paint store, pick a sample from the book and the printer will mix it up for you. You can add multiple colors to your envelope. Two, three or more colors can be added if you want to spend the money. Then there is full color or process color printing. Using process printing you can print photographs and logos in full vibrant color and in any color in the spectrum.

So with all these options, you don’t have to settle for a black and white church offering envelope unless that’s what you want.

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