Check your church offering envelope inventory
White church offering envelope

You need to check your inventory of church offering envelopes weekly and reorder before you’re down to that last box. Most churches and ministries do not use a local print shop for their offering and tithes envelopes because most local shops either do not print offering and tithe envelopes or do not have a source for the blank envelopes. So you are most likely using a national source like and need to plan ahead to make sure the envelopes arrive before you are completely out. You will need to factor in the time it takes to print or produce the envelope and the time it takes to ship them to you. To be on the safe side always give yourself two full weeks so that you never have to incur rush fees and expedited shipping costs. While ground shipping is still affordable it can take up to five days to receive. Overnight or second-day shipping is an option but usually is a┬ávery expensive one. So by planning ahead, you can save money on your church offering and tithe envelopes by giving yourself plenty of time and utilizing Econo Envelope’s free ground shipping. So go into that closet or storage area right now and check to see how many envelopes you have left. Giving yourself two weeks will save you lots of money and aggravation.

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