Ways to Spice up your Church Offering Envelopes

Ways to Spice up your Church Offering Envelopes

Putting out the same church offering envelope every week can begin to get stale. When you see the envelope week after week it starts to blend into the background and may reduce in the amount of giving.

Here are a few ways to change the look of your church offering envelopes to increase appeal and increase giving.

Add a logo or update a logo
If you don’t already use your church or ministry logo on the envelope you should. By adding a logo the envelope goes from generic to custom and your logo expresses your church values to help increase giving. If your logo is over five years old, think about a refresh.

Add additional graphics
Add additional graphics to your church offering envelope. A photo of the pastor or picture of the church adds appeal. Also, make use of modern looking graphic icons.

Change the Font
By only changing the font you can create a brand new look with minimal effort and time. There are 1000’s of fonts available to choose a new look.

Change the color of ink
Another quick change would be changing the ink color. Go from black ink to a vibrant color like red. Or try printing in full color and use any combination of color needed. Ink is also a great way to differentiate campaigns.

Change the paper color
Link changing ink, changing the paper color does the same thing but with more effect. Paper colors are also a great way to differentiate campaigns. Colors available are blue, green, yellow, pink, ivory and more. The best thing about using a paper color is it usually is just a few dollars more than white.

To ensure your church offering envelopes are of the highest quality. Always use a printer that specializes in church offering envelopes and has plenty of experience in the field.

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